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Research findings
Research findings

No. 69 Stabilization of krill oil using cyclodextrin in combination with Antioxidant

This research was reported in 31th Cyclodextrin Symposium (Shimane, Sep. 11~12, 2014).


Our company has an attract attention technology in functional food and personal care fields which raises the water solubility, stability and bioavailability of functional ingredients by using the inclusion property of cyclodextrin (CD).

Recently, ω-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA have been focused as notable anti-metabolic syndrome, improving brain functions and preventing heart disease ingredients. We succeeded in the preparation of stable powder of ω-3 fatty acids by inclusion with CD (* please refer to the newest result of research "1st", "35th" and the "51th" of our homepage for details.).

Krill oil (KO) extracted from antarctic krill is containing high amount of DHA and EPA as phospholipids and astaxanthin. It is well known that the absorbability of ω-3 fatty acids in krill oil is higher than that in fish oil. However, ω-3 fatty acids in krill oil are oxidized as well as fish oil. And krill oil has highly unfavorable odor for supplementation. Therefore, enhancement of oxidation stability and improvement of unfavorable odor of krill oil is necessary for developments of functional foods and drinks. In this report, we show the effects of CD complexation adding antioxidant δ-tocotrienol on oxidation stability and reduction of unfavorable odor of krill oil.

Health benefits of Krill oil (KO)

  • Anti-metabolic syndrome
  • Improvement of brain functions
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Alleviation of menopause disorder

Differences of krill oil and fish oil


Problems for developments of Krill oil products

  • Stability : ω-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA in krill oil are easily oxidized
  • Odor : In addition to distinct odor of krill oil, oxidation products of unsaturated fatty acids boosts the unfavorable odor.

→ In this study, stabilization and odor reduction of krill oil by CD in combination with δ-tocotrienol as an antioxidant were explored.

Experiment : Preparation of KO-CD

Evaluation of oxidation stability

Fig. 1

Rancimat method : @ 105℃, flow 20L/h

Oxidation stability of KO was effectively enhanced by complexation with CD without even antioxidant.

Evaluation of odor intensity

Each sample (100 mg krill oil) was incubated overnight in sealed grass vials (50 ml in volume).
Odor intensity of void space in sample vials was measured for 5 min by handy odor monitor (OMX-SR, Shinei).
The highest values in the measurement were recorded as odor intensity of samples.

Fig. 2

Unfavorable odor of KO was effectively decreased by complexation with CD in the presence of T3.


Enhancement of oxidation stability and decreasing of unfavorable odor of krill oil were achieved by using of cyclodextrin in combination with δ-tocotrienol.

Krill oil + antioxidant - CD complex can be useful for the development of health foods and drinks of krill oil.